Hotel I Portugal I project by @site_specific_arq + @p06atelier Furniture by @branca_design An icon from Serra da Estrela, inaugurated in 1948, Casa de São L...

Hotel I Portugal I project by @site specific arq + @p06atelier Furniture by @branca design An icon from Serra da Estrela, inaugurated in 1948, Casa de São Lourenço is most likely one of the Portuguese hotels with one of the most interesting views: Serra da Estrela, the Village of Manteigas and the Glacial Valley. @site specific and @p06atelier gave a new meaning to the historic Pousada de São Lourenço transforming it into the only 5-star hotel in Serra da Estrela. Pousada de São Lourenço is now Casa de São Lourenço. Conceived in 1940 by the architect Rogério de Azevedo, reborn now with a new life turned into the beauty of the landscape. The hotel has the pure wool based material- burel as one of the main focus-points, while it pays homage to Maria Keil’s beautiful artwork in the interior, while providing space to the contemporaneity of portuguese designers like the furniture by @branca design, and also introducing the comfort of a Mountain SPA

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