On the fastest lane....

On the fastest lane.

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Reuben @brokenambitions

@hot_bob_memes nope

Hot Bob @hot_bob_memes

@brokenambitions why

W. Mitchell Jr. @w_mitchelljr

I really want to get a photo like this!!! What were your settings if you don’t mind me asking. This is amazing

Reuben @brokenambitions

@w_mitchelljr_photography thanks Man, 30 secs shutter speed, aperture f22

nas @nasri.azhari

@h.fong_j ape lagi book la flight ke thailand

HARSHIT OZA @mojo.ozzo

Really loved this pic. Can you please send me a 16:9 ratio of this pic. I want to set this as my wallpaper 😍

turnyoplol7129 @turnyoplol7129

하 아름답다 우앙 멋있어요 진짜진짜 하 이뻥

Collins Ugochukwu @collinslucifer

111777 #DontStop #EveryBeautifulSecondsIsBeautifulSuccess 😘😍😂

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